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Journal of a Voyage from New York to Hong Kong, Cornelius B. Gold, 1861-1863


Welcome, and follow Cornelius B. Gold on his journey from New York to Hong Kong and back in 1861-1863. Denied entry into the Union Army during the Civil War due to his health, Gold signed on the merchant ship Oriental in December 1861, hoping a voyage at sea would strengthen his condition and prepare him for military service upon his return. Gold documented his experiences and cultural encounters as he sailed across the globe.

Students in Connecticut College's History/East Asian Studies course, "Empire and Expansion in East Asia, 1840-1950s," created and published the digital exhibition of this 63-page journal, including transcriptions, select annotations, and research into aspects of East-West relations in the 19th century.

Bon voyage!

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The Crepe Paper Books of Takejiro Hasegawa


Welcome to an exhibition of Takejiro Hasegawa’s “Japanese Fairy Tale Series.” Takejiro Hasegawa (1853-1938) was a Japanese printer who published translations of the tales with woodblock illustrations. This exhibit was created by Connecticut College’s Freshman Seminar 174D, “Butterflies and Barbarians: Representing ‘East’ and ‘West’ in Popular Culture.” It will showcase images from these books and provide additional information about his publications and translations. This exhibit includes ten of the twenty-five fairy tales in Hasegawa’s first series, published in English from 1885 to 1903.

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